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So long, northWESsed 1.0...hello, northWESsed 2.0...

Hey, all three of my blog readers,

Just wanted to let you know that I've re-architected my blog so that it's based completely on twitter. There's a link to the new RSS feed at weskim.com/blogs. Or you can just go straight to the source at twitter.com/weskimcom and subscribe from there.

Anyway, thanks for your interest. Maybe you can join twitter too and we can all be twitter pals. (Twitterers? Twits?)


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My next film -- starring...your house?

WANTED: Suburban-style house for film shoot, Dec. 2-3

I'm shooting a short film for Northwest Film Forum the weekend of Dec. 2-3 (that's a week from this Saturday and Sunday), and I need a house location that meets these characteristics:

* Nothing too special -- a typical suburban tract home in the Spielberg/Burton mold. (Which is ironically not that easy to find in Seattle.)
* A modestly-sized home -- no McMansions.
* A front door at street level, or at most, a few steps up. And on the front of the house, not to the side.
* A relatively low-traffic street to accommodate a small amount of vehicle action.
* A front door with a security peephole is ideal.
* Mostly exteriors and the area just inside the front door.
* Extra credit:
o An in-ground sprinkler system that you're willing to fire up. (If this is all you have, let's still talk.)
o Any additional interior availability -- kitchen, living room, etc.
o Availability for test footage during this Sat-Sun Thanksgiving weekend (yup, this Saturday and Sunday).

FYI, this is for a program called Signature Shorts -- I was one of four artists invited to create a 2-3 minute short film to run before features at Northwest Film Forum and other regional movie theaters. It's a very exciting project for me -- we've got a great cast and crew lined up -- and if we can just find a suitable location, we'll all be breathing a lot easier. (Getting the weather to cooperate is another issue...) For your information, the film concerns a girl scout trying to unload her last box of cookies on a grumpy neighbor. Trust me, hilarity ensues.

Compensation consists of inclusion in the "Special Thanks" section of the credits, DVD copy of the film, and invitation to a cast/crew screening TBD.

Feel free to spread the word -- and be sure to email me if you have any leads -- digital pics of your home a plus. Thanks in advance for your help!

NWAAFF 2007 - Call for Entries Closes September 30


Northwest Asian American Film Festival, Washington State's largest showcase for Asian American films and videos, currently seeks entries for our 2007 festival. NOTE: For this year's festival, we are only accepting Asian American short film and videos (60 min. or less) in the following categories:

  • Films produced by artists working or living in the Northwest (including but not limited to Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia).
  • Films intended for children and produced by artists working or living anywhere in North America.


  1. Complete and send the entry form to NWAAFF 2007:
    • By email to info@nwaaff.org.
    • By fax to 309-424-9731.
    • By mail to Theatre Off Jackson, Attn: NWAAFF 2007, 409 7th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104.
  2. Send your film to NWAAFF 2007:
    • By mail on 1/2" VHS NTSC or DVD NTSC to Theatre Off Jackson, Attn: NWAAFF 2007, 409 7th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98104. Please indicate the film's title and contact information on the tape/disc.
    • As a URL where your film may be viewed online (e.g. YouTube, Google Video, etc.).

Please do not include additional promotional materials.


DEADLINES: Mailed entries must be postmarked and electronic entries must be sent no later than SEPTEMBER 30, 2006. Receipt of entries will be confirmed via email. Final selections will be announced in November 2007.

ENTRY FEE: There is no entry fee for this year's festival.

Entry forms can be downloaded at www.nwaaff.org. Email questions to info@nwaaff.org.

Karaoke Challenge: "You Ignite My Life"

Northwest Film Forum and Three Dollar Bill Cinema are hosting a "Karaoke Challenge" (http://www.nwfilmforum.org/cinemas/calendar.php -- see listing for August 14). Filmmakers have been asked to create their very own karaoke music videos to be screened -- and sung -- at a karaoke party this Monday, August 14, at NWFF.

I'm very proud to announce that I will be presenting my filmed interpretation of the Debby Boone classic "You Light Up My Life." It is also an hommage to melodramatic Korean pop music videos which means that it's probably the only filmic treatment of "You Light Up My Life" to feature significant amounts of gunplay.

WARNING!!! Depending on how adventurous I'm feeling, the song may be performed as a duet with myself on harmony. I know it's a solo piece -- but we're doing it as a duet. Deal.

For those of you who are unable to attend this karaoke event, this video will be posted to YouTube on or near the 14th. I'll put a link on my website when it's ready for viewing.

Also, since karaoke videos usually don't have credits, I'll list my cast and crew here: Khanh Doan (lead), Jeong Yi (lead), S. Joe Downing (supporting), Roger Tang (supporting), Frank Fu (supporting, also associate producer), Kelly Ogilvie, and Bao Tran. The song will be performed live by Toni Rose Joaquin.


The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX, is sponsoring the "Blanks on a Blank" challenge wherein competitors must create a parody of the upcoming film SNAKES ON A PLANE based on a randomly assigned animal and vehicle.

I'm very proud to announce that the film "Aardvarks on a Tank" is now available for viewing online at www.blanksonablank.com.
  • "When belligerent aardvarks commandeer a tank, the military calls the one man who can defuse the crisis. But can our hero overcome personal demons to do what must be done? A story of terror, suspense, love...and aardvarks. On a tank."
Please take note: The films rated most highly by viewers will win prizes -- third prize is $250, second prize is $500, and first prize is an expenses-paid trip to LA to attend the premiere of SNAKES ON A PLANE.

Now it would be unethical for me to blanketly suggest that you VISIT WWW.BLANKSONABLANK.COM AND GIVE A SCORE OF 100 TO "AARDVARKS ON A TANK" BY AUGUST 10!!! Instead, I will simply suggest that you visit site, watch the films for yourself, and apportion scores to them as your conscience dictates.

*** WARNING! The film is rated R for language, per the rules of the contest. I'll be creating a PG version and posting it to YouTube later for those of you who prefer not to hear strong cuss words. ***

Extra silly note: In a Shyamalan-esque move, I myself play a key role in the film. But there are no narfs, scrunts, or any other nonsensical creatures in the film. Just aardvarks. Who dance to Kool and the Gang.


MATCH POINT (via Netflix): Surprisingly satisfying. Damned if he still doesn't have it.

CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY (via library): Wanted to like it more than I did -- Dahl's tone is really hard to carry off on screen, and more FX doesn't necessarily help. Still, some great moments/images/songs.

LOST (season finale): At the very end of the episode, Jess and I turned to one another and screamed "What??!!" Reminded me strongly of another great ending from a TV episode: Special Agent Dale Cooper wakes up after seeing The Man From Another Place dancing in his dreams, picks up the phone, and calls Sheriff Truman to tell him that he knows who killed Laura Palmer. Oh, but the heartbreak that followed when that series lost its way and ended in suckitude. I hope LOST doesn't do the same...

VideoSift.com voting coming to a close on May 31

Okay, "Profiles in Science" is currently neck-in-neck with another video for first place. If you have a moment, please consider throwing me a vote in this close race. Voting closes at the end of the month!

Read earlier blog entry about the site and how to vote.

Go straight to VideoSift site:
VideoSift SiftOff

Encore broadcasts: "Seattle: Fremont" (aka "Monsruang") on KCTS

My SIFF Fly Film from 2004 is getting another couple of airings via the series "About Us" on KCTS Channel 9 -- Thursday, June 1st at 10:00pm and Monday, June 5 at 3:00am. Set your Tivos...

More at:


Every year SIFF rolls around, I get a struck by a little movie madness. Oh, if only we had the wherewithal to watch as much as we wanted. Barring unlimited time/wealth, here's a selection of what I hope to catch this year:

May 26
Boy Culture - New feature from Filipino American filmmaker Q. Allan Brocka (EATING OUT). Based on the novel by Matthew Rettenmund and produced in Seattle. A "Gay"-la presentation with a big party afterwards.

May 27
Asian Pacific American Community Stories - Okay, just kidding -- this isn't a SIFF presentation, but I'll be there with kids in tow.

May 28
The Great Debate - Seattle's more or less annual navel-gazing discussion to try and figure out why we keep coming back year after year to ask why there still isn't a way to make a living as a filmmaker in this city. Although with the success this year of films like POLICE BEAT, WE GO WAY BACK, IRAQ IN FRAGMENTS, and THE HEART OF THE GAME, there may be a case to be made after all for the emergence of a Seattle filmmaking voice that's actually being heard by the rest of the world.

May 29
Fly Filmmaking Challenge - SIFF's annual filmmaking shoot-'em-up. Looking forward to seeing the films by Kris, Doug, Virginia, and Brad. Also hoping that the "Spawned in Seattle" reception will be happening afterwards as has been the case the last couple of years. Also hoping to be on the guest list for said party again. Hmm...maybe I better email James...

June 3 and June 4
The Producers School Series, Session 1
The Producers School Series, Session 2
I probably won't make it to these since Jess is going to be out-of-town, but you never know.

June 10
Screenwriters Salon
Yeah, probably won't make it to this either.

June 12
Sentenced Home - Do want to see this one. Producer Nicole Malarkey expected to attend the screening.

June 13
Eve and the Fire Horse - Coming-of-age tale from Canadian filmmaker Julia Kwan. Official selection at Toronto and prize-winner at Sundance and Vancouver. Lots of good buzz.

June 14 and June 17
Americanese - Oh yeah, definitely catching this one, although not sure whether I'll see it on the 14th or the 17th. Eric will be in town, but I have to find out which screening(s) he'll be at.

June 17
Seattle Summit - As much of a true film industry event as you'll get around here short of going to LA. These actually tend to be somewhat sobering assessments of the indie/foreign film business, but still good to hear it from the horses' mouths. Not that I'm calling the panelists horses -- they've generally been quite friendly and informative.

June 18
I Wake Up Screening - Laura Kim (no relation, unfortunately) of Warner Independent and journalist/critic John Anderson (Variety, Newsday, New York Times) come to Seattle to discuss their new book I WAKE UP SCREENING. Just read the book myself -- good stuff. Was a very pleasant surprise to see them on the schedule.

May also go to the closing night gala for The Science of Sleep if I'm lucky enough to score us some tickets.

For an Asian American film lover's guide to SIFF, check out the cheat sheet here.

The VideoSift is on!

Okay, the game is on. Votes are being tallied from now until the end of May for VideoSift.com's first-ever "SiftOff." And hey, I'm winning! But the counts are very close. Because very few people have voted so far. In fact, my lead is quite slim right now -- a mighty 5 votes vs. a couple of contenders with 4 votes each.

You can review the instructions for registering/voting here:
It's truly easier than falling off a log to register at this site, trust me. Stay tuned for updates in this gripping electoral drama.